Continuing Teacher Logistics for 2014-2015 Academic Year

1. Teacher Agreement

2. Student Consent forms + Letters of Explanation of Research

- In the first week of class, have your students read, in-class, the 'Letter to Students' and take home the 'Letter to Parents'.
- BOTH student and parent sign the Student Consent Form.
- Make a copy of the consent form for your records. Bring the signed originals to the first Saturday workshop for our team to keep.
- Email with a list of the students who have permission to participate in our study, so that on the day we do classroom observations, we can avoid videotaping any students who do not have permission.

3. Student Attitudinal Survey (2x, once at beginning, once at end of year)

- Online, ~20 minutes to complete.

- Assign to your students before your first CT-STEM lesson for the year.
- We will email you a list of student names who have completed the survey, so you can remind those who haven't.

- Assign to your students after you've taught your final CT-STEM lesson for the year.
(You don't need to do this within a specific time frame of the final lesson).

Email if your students have any trouble accessing the survey. It should be all set for this 2nd set of responses.

4. CT-STEM Lessons

- Use the versions of the lessons posted at

- Email to let her know which CT-STEM lessons you plan to teach.

- After each lesson, fill out post-implementation teacher feedback survey as soon as possible (while still fresh in your mind):, 5-10 minutes to complete.
- If teaching both a regular and honors class, fill out the survey twice.

- For Netlogo questions, email Kai Orton <> & David Weintrop <>

5. CT-STEM Assessments

- Before you teach any CT-STEM lessons, assign the Universal Assessment at

- After each CT-STEM lesson you teach (ideally within 3 days of the final day of that lesson), administer one of the other assessments at

- These online assessments are to be completed by your students in-class and take ~40 minutes.

- The assessments cover range in CT skills. Each lesson does not have its own specific CT assessment.

6. Stipends

- Stipends will be paid in mid-June 2015. See Teacher Agreement for base requirements.