The order these lessons appear are the order in which they will be included in the training in the CT-STEM PD.

Note that the 3rd lesson will be the one the teachers will trial-teach to another discipline during the workshop.


1. Netlogo Competition Lesson Plan:

2. DNA Sequencing Lesson Plan:

3. Cell Membrane

4. Evolution Trees Lesson Plan:

Evolution Trees Supplement


1. Gas Laws

2. Netlogo Rusting

3. Concentration
Student Guide

4. Beer-Lambert Lesson Joint w/ Math
Teacher Guide
Student Guide


1. Fitting Real Data (Superbowl Ads):

2. Drake Equation Lesson Plan:

And a rough answer key for Drake Equation lesson:

3. Census Data:

4. Beer-Lamb Lesson Joint w/ Chemistry
Teacher Guide
Student Guide


1. Ohm's Law

2. Periodic motion Pendulum lab

3. Video games: Physics Phact or Phiction

4. Resonance