CT-STEM Team Assessments Teachers are Using:


CT Skills

Our table mapping all GK12 and CT-STEM year 1 lessons to CT-STEM Skills.

Here is another working list of CT skills.

CT Assessments

Principled Assessment for Computation Thinking (PACT)

STEM Skills Assessment Tests

E-test design:
STEM Assessment Articles:

NAEP Technology & Engineering Literacy Framework (here)
This document includes a chapter on content, a chapter on practices, and a chapter on assessments
Here is a brief write-up about the document:

Additional NAEP questions can be found here

Very nice Interactive Computer Science Assessment Tasks from NAEP here

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System: Science and Technology/Engineering
The curriculum framework has a nice outline of technology/engineering from k-12 including learning standards and suggested activities
Assessment Rubrics can be found here
Sample questions for high school Science/Technology and Engineering can be found here and here
A discussion of the validity of these test can be found here

Concept Inventories (used in physics & chem)

Astronomy concept inventories:
Astronomy Diagnostic Test (ADT) (Hufnagel et al., 2000 and following)
Lunar Phases (LPCI) (Lindell, 2001, 2002)
Light and Spectroscopy (LSCI) (Bardar, 2007)
Star Properties (SPCI) (Bailey, 2007)
Greenhouse Effect (GECI) (Keller, 2006)
Solar System (SSCI) (Hornstein et al., 2009, 2010)
Cosmological Subject Inventory (CSI) (McLin & Cominsky, 2008)
Test of Astronomy Standards (TOAST) (Bailey et al., 2011)
Astronomy and Space Science Concept Inventory (ASSCI) (Sadler et al., 2010)

Kranov 2010 'What's involved in CT' survey

CS Skills Assessment Tests

Exploring Computer Science

Programming Skills:
An assessment scheme for a cs course on computational thinking (CS 151 computational thinking).

Articles on assessment of programming skills:

A paper on an online assessment tool for testing and marking programming tasks in Java (Link).
A multi-national, multi-institutional study of assessment of programming skills of first-year CS students (Link).

Computational thinking Assessments:
Computational thinking in k-12: assessment strategies designed to measure Computational Thinking among middle school student (Link).

Information Skills:
Two sets of assessments for Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Standards (more details here)
A full breakdown of the two sets of Performance indicators and outcomes can be found here for ACRL version and here for ETS version.

Need for Cognition Test

Logical/Critical Thinking Assessment Tests

Best of the Critical Thinking Assessment test (NSF funded)

California Critical Thinking Skills Test

Cornell Critical Thinking Assessment

Critical thinking skills assessment

Breaking down critical thought

ACT WorkKeys Applied Math Skills assessment

PISA 2012 Problems Solving Framework

Attitudinal Assessments

Colorado CLASS Surveys

Online Evaluation Resource Library
Student Attitude Survey - CT across the curriculum (undergraduate)

AWE (Assessing Women and Men in Engineering) Surveys

NCWIT Students Experience of the Major Survey

57 surveys all linked from one location

Persistence survey

Attitudinal Surveys for Informal Science Education

Children's Attitudes Towards Technology (CATS)

Critical Thinking in Everyday Life (Attitudinal)

Math Anxiety Ranking

Relevance of Science

Science Motivation Questionnaire

Chemistry attitudes and experience

Rating own science process skills and career knowledge

Is Science me?