CT in STEM Definitions

Proposed Definitions:

CT in STEM focuses on developing and teaching the skills needed for students to leverage computational power to gain a deeper understanding of STEM concepts.

CT in STEM emphasizes teaching students how to creatively and effectively leverage computers and computational artifacts to deepen their understandings of STEM concepts.

CT Definitions

Jeanette Wing's (new) definition:
Computational Thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating problems and their solutions so that the solutions are represented in a form that can be effectively carried out by an information-processing agent

Nathan/Uri’s definition:
Computational thinking (CT) is the ability to translate or encode phenomena (real or imagined) into representations which can be carried out by a computer.” Often CT takes the form of utilizing abstractions to create algorithmic solutions to problems that can then be automated with computation

David’s definition:
Central to CT is the ability to translate or encode ideas into representations that leverage computational power. If one can implement their idea in a computational medium, it allows him/her to take advantage of computational power in ways that are meaningful and unique to them.

Problem Solving Definitions

PISA 2003:
Problem Solving is an individual’s capacity to use cognitive processes to confront and resolve real, cross-disciplinary situations where the solution path is not immediately obvious and where the literacy domains or curricular areas that might be applicable are not within a single domain of mathematics, science or reading. (p. 156, here)