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All 2015 CT-STEM Lesson Plans

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Student Research:

Student Research Papers

Understanding the Construction of a Research Paper


Intro to CT
Warm-up Activity - Think Like a Computer

CS Unplugged
-example: muddy city - algorithms
-Great example with full lesson plan: Binary Numbers

10-15 minute brain teasers

Monty Hall



Intro to programming - Simulation by hand Problem.doc

Intro to programming - Robozzle

Middle School - Intro to Programming

Intro to Python

Intro to programming using madlibs

Intro to loops in java (end product, electric field around a point charge & projectile motion)

Good SIGSCE programming assignments


Hip Hop Networks

Electrical Networks

Transit Networks / Braess' Paradox


Photosynthesis - Limiting Factors

Cracking the DNA Code

DNA Sequencing

iLab - Radiation in Cancer

Virus Spreading

Muscular System

Concord Consortium - Genetics

PhET - Natural Selection

Netlogo BEAGLE curriculum - they'll email me the lesson plans by 12/15/11

Neurons & the nervous system

Polymers & proteins using Foldit Citizen Science

Memory - hebian learning

Nitrogen Cycle

Netlogo - Slime Mold (Emergence)

Human-Computer Interaction (uses excel)

Hardy-Weinberg Population Genetics


Patterns in the Periodic Table - Google Spreadsheet

Reaction Rates

States of Matter & Phase Changes

Extreme Phase Changes

Applet (PhET) - Molecule Building

Applet (PhET) - Solutions: Sugar - Salt & Acid -Base

Rutherford Experiment Simulation

Programming - Rutherford Scattering

Atomic Orbitals Exploration

Gas Chromatography & Flavor

KCVS - Isotopic Ratio Analysis

Ionic Compounds

Size and Scale

Netlogo GasLab Curriculum, waiting for lesson plans

Netlogo Connected Chemistry Curriculum, waiting for lesson plans

Gas Laws


iLab - Radioactive Decay

Statistics - Baseball

Math Modeling Links/Ideas


Linear programs & optimization

Sins/Cosines w/ Moon Phases


Programming: Forces in Context of Ball Bounce

Projectile Motion

Roller Coaster (Potential & Kinetic Energy) Activity

Curved Mirror

Radioactivity & Decay & half-life with M&Ms

Light Reflection & Refraction lab using PhET applet

Blackbody Radiation

Inquiry Lab - Ohm's Law.doc

Inquiry Lab - Properties of the Pendulum.doc

Netlogo NIELS (electromagnetism) - waiting for lesson plans

Gravity (using a solar system simulator)

Impulse - Momentum

Janus Particles - soft matter research - testing predictions from simulation


Black Hole Hunters

Solar Fusion Lesson

Using Java to Create a Star

Probability of Intelligent Life on Other Planets

Greenhouse Effect

KCVS: Special Relativity - Muon Decay

Identifying Elements in Supernova

Gravitational Waves

Applet - Galaxy Crash (no fleshed out lesson plan yet)

Stellar Dynamics - N body Sims
HR Diagram and Star Clusters
Star Clusters - Cosmos in the classroom

Netlogo - CCD Simulation

Robotic Telescope Network

Java applets for teaching astrophysics (from solar systems to near earth asteroids to space mirrors)

Cosmic Distance Ladder

Flow chart - Planet classification

Absolute-Apparent Magnitude

Earth Science:

Netlogo-based climate change lesson


Ground Water PH

Environmental Impact of Batteries

Plate Tectonics

Intro to Excel using weather data

Hypoxia in Gulf of Mexico


Energy Efficient Homes