List of resources for getting started on writing a teaching philosophy/statement:

  • Article from the Chronicle on Higher Education providing useful tips for getting started
  • Article from the Chronicle on Higher Education, 4 specific points to consider
  • Prompt questions from University of Michigan's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
  • Step-by-step Tutorial from UM's CRLT
  • Guidance from Princeton's McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Guidance from Iowa State, with a focus on how to make it specific to your discipline
  • Guidance from Northwestern University's SEARLE Center for Teaching Excellence


  • All inclusive rubric from University of Michigan's CRLT, Dr. Matt Kaplan
  • Rubric for persuasiveness and format
  • Rubric for audience, voice, argument

Example Teaching Philosophies:

  • Astronomer Andrew West's Teaching Portfolio (4th page is his Teaching Philosophy)
  • Examples of Teaching Portfolios from the UW-Madison Delta Program
    • Each portfolio includes a teaching statement (usually the 3rd or 4th page)
    • Recommended ones: Ashley Shade, Aya Diab, Melissa Witmer, Lisa Torrey, Jeff Klukas

Connecting your Teaching Philosophy to your Discipline:

  • University of Regina, examples
  • Lisa Torrey, computer science professor (former UW-Madison grad student), does a good job of this in her teaching philosophy
  • Guidance for aspiring math professors from the American Mathematical Society
  • Anyone find any other discipline-specific guidance??? Please post.

GK12 Teaching Philosophies: